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April 8, 2014 

Dear Friends,

This special email update is to ask for your help in getting answers from Governor Branstad and his office about his allegations that there has been "a lot" of child abuse, elder abuse, and sexual abuse by state workers.

Specifically, on March 31, Governor Branstad said at a press conference that “one of the concerns I have as the chief executive of the state is we do have state employees that have been guilty . . . involved in certain misconduct: elder abuse, child abuse, sexual misconduct."

When a reporter asked how many cases of child abuse, elder abuse and sexual abuse are being hidden from the public, Governor Branstad said: “I don’t know, but there are a lot of them.”

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I have asked for the facts about this claim, but the Governor’s office has denied me access to that information claiming that it is confidential employee information.

I am not asking for confidential employee information.  I am asking for what Governor Branstad was told, when he was told, and what he has done about it.  His allegations are very serious.  They are allegations of criminal conduct in many, if not all, cases.  Governor Branstad cannot hide behind employee confidentiality about what he has done or not done to deal with these alleged incidents.

You can help me by calling the Governor’s office at 515-281-5211 and by talking to your local news media to ask him to provide the following information:

1. How many alleged incidents of child abuse and dependent adult abuse by state workers have been reported to Governor Branstad since January 1, 2011?

2. Did Governor Branstad or his office report these incidents to the Department of Human Services for investigation (anyone can report abuse to DHS by calling 1-800-362-2178)?

3. Were the alleged incidents of child abuse and dependent adult abuse by state workers founded or unfounded?

4. How many alleged sexual assaults by state workers have been reported to Governor Branstad since January 1, 2011?

5. Did Governor Branstad or his office report these sexual assaults to the Attorney General or to the county attorney in the county in which the alleged assault occurred?

6. If Governor Branstad is concerned about abuse, why hasn't he fired Mike Quinn, the assistant director of the Iowa Law Enforcement Academy, who committed repeated sexual harassment and threatened workplace violence, instead of the whistle-blower who exposed Mr. Quinn’s abuse that was terminated by the Iowa Law Enforcement Academy?  (For more details about the reported and confirmed sexual harassment by Mr. Quinn, here is a YouTube video of a point of personal privilege I gave on Thursday, April 3: http://youtu.be/6k-xhXmAfDw. Please note that the content of the video contains details of the sexual harassment and threats.)

So far, Governor Branstad has publicly identified only two incidents.  One was the choking death of a patient at the Clarinda mental health institute, which resulted from a mistake by a dietary aide who was terminated, and which the Director of the Department of Human Services, Chuck Palmer, called an “isolated incident.”  The other was abuse of a girl at the Iowa Juvenile Home, which resulted in criminal charges by the Tama County Attorney for assault causing bodily injury or mental illness.  Both were tragic events.  In both cases, the responsible worker is being held accountable.

But the two incidents do not constitute “a lot,” and they do not disclose what Governor Branstad has done to address other alleged incidents, or to prevent future abuse.  The first step in developing better public policy to address abuse and prevent future abuse is to know the facts – facts that Governor Branstad is failing to provide.  If his allegations are true, it is time for Governor Branstad to provide the facts so we can prevent future abuse.



Senator Rob Hogg
State Capitol
Des Moines, IA 50319
(515) 281-3371 (switchboard)


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